Arte – Portretten

Ben je je eigen gezicht?

Wat vertelt je gezicht over jezelf? Kun je dat ook beïnvloeden? In de song SeenAnd NotSeen van de Talking Heads is sprake van iemand die denkt dat hij zijn gezicht kan veranderen:

He would see faces in movies, on t.v., in magazines, and in books…
He thought that some of these faces might be right for him… and
Through the years, by keeing an ideal facial structure fixed in his
Mind… or somewhere in the back of his mind… that he might, by
Force of will, cause his face to approach those of his ideal… the
Change would be very subtle… it might take ten years or so…

Het is geen gemakkelijke klus, je kunt halverwege van idee veranderen, of een verkeerd, infantiele droom najagen…

Although some people might have made mistakes… they may have
Arrived at an appearance that bears no relationship to them…
They may have picked an ideal appearance based on some childish
Whim, or momentary impulse… some may have gotten half-way
There, and then changed their minds.
He wonders if he too might have made a similar mistake.

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